4 Baby Care Tips for First Time Working Moms

Having a baby for the first time is exciting yet nerve-wracking for first time mothers like you. Motherhood brings you a different kind of joy, from buying the baby’s first things like a Merino wool baby sleeping bag to painting their nursery room. But there’s no denying how this new role in your life also comes with a lot of challenge. There are sleepless nights and tiresome days to survive but you wouldn’t wish for anything less. To make things lighter for you, here are some baby care tips to help you out.

Store Breast Milk in Smaller Amounts

Sustenance for the baby will always be your top priority as a mother. When you’re working, it’s hard to keep your baby on natural milk. Good thing is that you can now store breast milk on your fridge using special bags designed for that specific purpose. What you can do is to store batches in smaller amounts. You won’t have to throw extra milk in case the baby could not finish all of the contents. Check Little Kids Cove for more details.

Take Small Naps in Between Their Sleep

Babies are known to sleep all the time yet wake up in random hours of the day. When your baby is napping on their Merino wool baby sleeping bag, use this time to take sleep as well. You and your baby can rest together. This way, you have more energy to play with them by the time they wake up. Keep them warm with a Merino wool baby sleeping bag Australia to help them sleep better.

Slow Down on Shopping Baby Clothes

While it feels nice to dress up your baby with different sets of clothing, you need to stop yourself from getting too many baby dresses. An infant outgrows their clothes fast. You wouldn’t want to buy something that they might end up not wearing. Instead, invest on essentials that they can use growing up. You can get a Merino wool baby sleeping bag in Australia for warmer sleep nights or you can also get them a washable waterproof mat to keep their beds dry in case of diaper leaks. You can check stores like Little Kids Cove for cheap Merino wool baby sleeping bag Australia. Always buy wisely!

Play Music to Soothe the Fussy Infant

Put on some white noise or classical music when your baby seems unrest. A lot of mothers would attest that calming music actually works on infants. You can visit music streaming sites for baby music playlists that you can play while putting your baby on their Merino wool baby sleeping bag. Help your child relax through entertainment. On top of that, you can also use essential oils in your humidifier to improve the indoor airflow of your baby’s room. Search for suggested combinations of scents that help babies relax.

Motherhood is a special position to step in for the first time. Embrace it and all the challenges that come with the role. Enjoy your journey as your own child starts growing. Take care of your baby better with the tips mentioned above.


How to Choose Your Riding Outfit

When you want to become a serious horseback rider, it is important to consider what gear to use. Whether you are horseback riding for leisure or competition, you want to be as comfortable as can be. It is not just about looking best but staying comfortable so that you can get maximum control. You can check out the options for jeans and riding gear at Cruel girl jeans Australia has to offer, or choose a specialized designer that caters to horseback riders.

If you have no idea what to wear when riding, you can take note of these tips and guidelines:

• Find the perfect jeans for horseback riding. It is easier to shop for horse riding jeans today because there are designers such as Cruel girl jeans Australia has today. Comfort is most important when choosing riding jeans. It should be a snug fit but comfortable enough to provide a good range of motion. You should avoid jeans that are too constricting as it can rub or chaff at your skin throughout the ride. This will be very uncomfortable and painful!

• Riding boots are important, too. Once you find the perfect pair of jeans to wear for horseback riding, the next order of business is to find the perfect pair of boots. Some expert riders insist that the boots are the most important component of your riding outfit. As with the jeans, you can find many manufacturers and designers providing a wide array of styles, colors, toe styles and heel heights for riding boots in the market. You might be compelled to choose boots that suit your personal style preference but it is not enough. You must choose the heel height on your boots depending on your riding style. When shopping for riding boots, make sure you try them on with the same socks you intend to wear when you ride your horse.

• You should also look into the type of shirts to wear when riding. Unlike your riding jeans and boots, the style of shirt you wear for riding will be determined on personal style and preference. It will not have a direct impact on your riding experience. To give you an idea, a traditional shirt worn for riding is often a button-down shirt with collars. As for the print and style, it is up to you to choose what you prefer! However, you need to make sure that the fit is right so you are free to move and comfortable in it.

• Do you need cowboy hats? A lot of men who are into horseback riding love to wear hats to complete their cowboy outfit. But wearing a hat is a personal choice. It is the finishing touch to your riding outfit but it does not have a direct correlation to your riding experience.

The importance of choosing the right set of clothes and gear cannot be overlooked. You can shop specialized riding gear such as Cruel girl jeans Australia has today at When shopping for riding clothes, you need to take a closer attention to the authenticity of the line to ensure that the clothes can withstand the riding experience.